Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Pendulum


Code:  SP#0021.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Size:  15 -20 mm

Weight:  30 gms

MOQ:  50 Pcs

Radiate Love and Peace

Experience the soothing embrace of our Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Pendulum, designed to infuse your life with love and peace. Crafted from the gentle and alluring rose quartz gemstone, this pendulum holds the power to unlock emotions and energies that resonate with harmony.

Key Features:

  • Rose Quartz Gemstone: Harness the loving energy of rose quartz, known for its ability to open the heart and promote inner peace.
  • Merkaba Star Design: The sacred geometry of the Merkaba star amplifies the gemstone’s healing properties, creating a powerful tool for your spiritual journey.
Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Pendulum
Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Pendulum