Verdant Serenity Moss Agate Bowls


Code:  BWL#001

Gemstone:  Moss Agate

Size:  2 Inch

Weight:  50 Gms

MOQ:  5 Pcs

Elevate Your Space with Moss Agate Bowls – Vessels of Grounding, Stability, and Natural Beauty!

Introducing the exquisite Moss Agate Bowls, a beautiful and unique piece that adds both functionality and natural elegance to your space. These distinctive bowls are the perfect companions for holding trinkets, cherished jewelry, or precious crystals. Crafted from the rich green and brown hues of moss agate, they not only enhance your decor but also bring grounding and stabilizing properties into your environment. Polished to a high shine, these bowls reveal their natural beauty, making them exquisite additions to your surroundings.

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Serenity Moss Agate Bowls
Verdant Serenity Moss Agate Bowls