Black Tourmaline Ball Pendulum


Code: PB#002

Gemstone:  Black Tourmaline

Size:  35 – 45 mm

Weight:  25 Gms

MOQ:  25 Pcs

Discover the Grounding Power of the Black Tourmaline Ball Pendulum – Your Companion for Dowsing and Spiritual Protection!

Embark on a journey of dowsing and spiritual healing with the remarkable Black Tourmaline Ball Pendulum. This exquisite tool is not only beautiful but also a potent instrument, meticulously crafted from black tourmaline. Known for its grounding and protective properties, black tourmaline is a guardian stone that keeps you anchored to the earth’s energy while shielding you from negative influences. With its unique ball design, this pendulum becomes an essential companion for those seeking precision in dowsing and spiritual protection.

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Black Tourmaline Ball Pendulum
Black Tourmaline Ball Pendulum