RadiantAura Rose Quartz Harmony Gems


  • Gemstone – Rose Quartz
  • Size – 40-60mm
  • Weight – As per kg
  • MOQ – 50 Pieces
  • Our 5% profits goes to charity.
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Product Description: Elevate your energy and embrace the soothing power of our Wholesale Rose Quartz Crystal Palm Stones – introducing RadiantAura Rose Quartz Harmony Gems. Meticulously sourced from the purest quarries, these exquisite palm stones are more than just crystals; they are a pathway to serenity and balance. Immerse yourself in the gentle vibrations of love and compassion that resonate from these hand-selected Rose Quartz crystals. Each palm stone is a testament to nature's artistry, showcasing delicate hues of pink that captivate the eye and warm the soul. Perfectly polished for a smooth touch, these gems fit snugly in your palm, creating a tactile connection that enhances your spiritual journey. Invite love into every facet of your life as you carry these Harmony Gems with you. Whether used for meditation, chakra alignment, or simply as a beautiful ornament, our Rose Quartz Crystal Palm Stones radiate positive energy. Feel the calming embrace of their energy, promoting self-love and emotional healing. The Wholesale Rose Quartz Crystal Palm Stones from RadiantAura are not just crystals; they are a symbol of harmony and well-being. Embrace the elegance and metaphysical benefits these gems offer, making them an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. Order now and let the aura of love and tranquility surround you, enhancing your spiritual experience with every touch of these captivating Harmony Gems.
RadiantAura Rose Quartz Harmony Gems