Radiant Rainbow Moonstone Reiki Towers


Code: RS#002

Gemstone: Rainbow Moonstone

Size : 3 to 4 Inch Approx

Weight: 75 Grams

Available in all major Gemstone

MOQ: 10 pcs

Elevate Your Reiki Practice with Rainbow Moonstone Reiki Towers – Embrace Inner Peace and Self-Awareness!

Experience a profound shift in your Reiki practice with our exquisite Rainbow Moonstone Reiki Towers. These remarkable stones are not only beautiful but also unique in their ability to foster inner peace, self-awareness, and spiritual protection. Rainbow Moonstone has long been revered for its transformative properties, believed to release negative energy and promote positivity and mindfulness. If you’re seeking to enhance your Reiki journey and infuse it with harmony and mindfulness, these towers are the ideal companions.

Radiant Rainbow Moonstone Reiki Towers
Radiant Rainbow Moonstone Reiki Towers