Tibetan Healing Wand – Design 3


Code: TBHS#003

Gemstone:  Multistone

Size:  9– 12 Inch

Weight:  800 Gms Approx

MOQ:  1 Pcs

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey with the Exquisite Tibetan Healing Wand (Design 3) – Your Key to Chakra Harmony and Balance!

Embark on a profound journey of inner balance and harmony with our exquisite Tibetan Healing Wand (Design 3). This remarkable tool is a masterful creation designed to promote equilibrium and vitality within the chakra system. Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials and adorned with intricate designs, this wand is a conduit for enhancing energy flow and amplifying the healing properties of each stone. With its Tibetan-inspired design and the incorporation of traditional healing techniques, this wand is an essential addition for anyone seeking to harness the transformative power of the chakra system.

Tibetan Healing Wand - Design 3
Tibetan Healing Wand – Design 3