How To Use Crystals For Healing

The History of Crystal Therapy

For centuries, healers, sages, and ancient civilizations have relied on the therapeutic properties of crystals. Across the vast expanse of the world, people have been captivated by the concept of crystal healing. These glistening stones, extracted from the most mystical corners of the earth, continue to be utilized for the healing of the body, mind, and soul even in contemporary times.

Tracing the timeline back to Ancient Rome reveals that the Romans frequently employed crystals, whether as protective amulets on the battlefield or as charms to attract abundance and prosperity. The Ancient Greeks also embraced the healing qualities of crystals, and stones like Amethyst and Turquoise drew inspiration from the shores of Ancient Greece. In the Pharaoh lands of Egypt, the Ancient Egyptians practiced crystal healing with gemstones. While Egyptian royalty adorned their costumes and jewelry with crystals, the significance extended beyond mere fashion to encompass profound spiritual healing. They even adorned their tombs with gemstones to ensure protection into the afterlife. Certain Native American cultures also recognized sacred energy in using crystals for diagnosing illnesses.

Beyond the Western borders and in the East, crystals were woven into everyday medicinal practices. In Chinese medicine, crystals are commonly seen in practices like acupuncture, and stone medicine was trusted in both Feng Shui and physical well-being. The ancient and intricate Japanese culture also sought the assistance of crystals for visionary work and spiritual healing, favoring Clear Quartz for its illuminating grace and beauty.

In our contemporary world, our enduring affection for crystals persists, though our intimate connection with the cosmic properties of these stones may have waned. Nevertheless, crystals continue to play a significant role in alternative healing therapies due to their stable energy patterns and distinct frequencies. They are utilized in chakra healing, emotional and EMF protection, and to dispel stagnant energies, fostering a deeper connection with the heavens above and the world beneath our feet. Crystals, born of the earth, carry the essence of Mother Earth’s healing in their unique composition.

If you are looking to enhance your self-care routine, this guide is an excellent starting point. Explore our guide to Essential Gemstones to tap into the powers of specific stones and discover how the right crystal can contribute to your healing journey.

An Introduction to the Chakras

Crystals play a significant role in healing, often aiding in the connection with and unblocking of specific chakras. The body houses seven chakras, each representing distinct energy fields. When these chakras are free from blockages, universal energy can flow through us seamlessly, allowing us to realize our maximum potential.

Crown Chakra – The violet light associated with the crown chakra serves as a conduit to higher consciousness. While not many individuals fully unlock their crown chakra, those who do are said to experience a profound cosmic connection.

Brow/Third Eye Chakra – The third eye chakra is the gateway to the divine, housing our inherent wisdom. It is also known as the eye of the soul.

Throat Chakra – Positioned at the center of our communication, the throat chakra is the channel through which we express ourselves. It is the space where we share our vocal personal power, seeking to be heard and understood.

Heart Chakra – Located in the area where the heart beats, the heart chakra conveys compassion, empathy, openness, and our connections to others. It is the focal point for giving and receiving love.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Often associated with the gut, the solar plexus chakra influences intuition, trust, and self-worth. This chakra empowers us to feel in control of our lives.

Sacral/Navel Chakra – Situated just below the navel, the sacral chakra is the wellspring of creative and sexual energy. It is where we discover our sense of abundance and life force.

Root Chakra – Found at the base of the spine, the root chakra serves to ground us, providing the confidence necessary to stand firm and feel secure.

How Healing Crystals Work

Although there is no scientific evidence supporting the physical healing properties of crystals, there exists a wealth of ancient historical accounts and contemporary anecdotes highlighting the positive impact crystals can have on our lives—spanning the realms of body, mind, and soul. Whether employed in practices like reiki, vision quests, meditation, or mapping, crystals consistently demonstrate their healing potential by effectively tapping into energy fields.

Beyond possessing unique energies and operating at specific vibrational frequencies, crystals also serve as remarkable conduits for channeling the healing energy of the universe. They have the capacity to alter the flow of energy within the body, facilitating the unblocking of chakras, directing energy to areas in need, and harmonizing the inner landscape.

9 Ways to Perfect the Use of Crystals

Crystal Placement on the Body

A widely embraced practice among crystal therapy enthusiasts involves placing crystals strategically on specific points of the body. This practice, which is both common among specialists and easily executable at home, often aligns with the concept of chakras. For instance, if there is a blockage in the heart chakra, individuals may choose to position a heart chakra crystal, such as Rose Quartz, in the corresponding area. By doing so, they allow the healing vibrations to permeate and provide solace to the soul.

Wearing Crystals

An effective way to incorporate crystal healing into daily life is by embracing the vibrational energy of gemstone jewelry. Whether opting for crystal bead bracelets, necklaces, or rings, wearing these adornments ensures direct contact between the stone and the skin, facilitating the connection of healing vibrations with the body and promoting the stabilization of chakras. Gemstone jewelry serves as a low-maintenance avenue to maximize the benefits of crystal healing.

Crystal Pendulum Usage

Utilizing crystal pendulums presents another avenue for healing, which also lends itself to the realm of divination. The crystal-weighted pendulum serves as a conduit for receiving guidance from the universe. Additionally, it aids in purifying negative energy within a space and helps identify areas where answers are required to make informed healing decisions.

Targeted Healing with Crystal Layouts

For those seeking to address specific areas of healing, the crystal layout method is a valuable approach. This technique facilitates the movement of energy throughout the body’s pathways, emphasizing the importance of intent in spiritual and emotional healing. Adopting the seven-crystal layout aligned with chakras allows individuals to channel energy by orienting the crystals inward or outward, influencing the flow of energy.

Portability in Pockets or Purses

Keeping a crystal close at hand enhances alignment with its energy and brings awareness to one’s healing journey and overall well-being. Tucking favorite crystals into pockets or purses provides easy access, allowing individuals to retrieve them for a quick pick-me-up or momentary meditation. Chakra worry stones are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Creating Crystal Grids

Arranging crystals in a grid-like pattern can generate a forcefield of energy, intensifying the power of healing stones. After smudging the room and ensuring the gems are cleansed and recharged, placing the crystals in a geometrical grid enhances their effectiveness. Beginners can opt for a grid cloth to assist in mapping out the arrangement.

Incorporating Crystals in Baths

Transforming a regular bath into a crystal-infused experience involves placing hot water-friendly crystals in the tub. This crystal bath provides a divine boost of dreamy detoxing and healing. Immersed in warm water, individuals tend to be more receptive to the crystals’ offerings. Selenite, known for its soft and angelic properties, is particularly suitable for this purpose.

Strategic Placement in Spaces

Merely having crystals present in the spaces one occupies can infuse positive energy, offer protection, and foster self-love while keeping negative vibes at bay. Whether seeking healing in a workspace, bedroom, or areas requiring careful communication, incorporating crystals as part of the decor can instantly shift the mood. Black Tourmaline, an excellent protective stone, proves effective in combating electromagnetic fields in office spaces.

Incorporating Crystals into Rituals

Various rituals enhance the sublime power of crystals, whether it’s using them during smudging ceremonies or dispelling negative energy from a room. Crystals thrive on intention, making them ideal companions for full moon meditations, daily yoga practices, and morning affirmations.

Treating Ailments With Different Types of Crystals

Various crystals possess distinct strengths, contributing to their absolute uniqueness. If you are in search of some guidance on which crystal muse will resonate with your particular requirements, refer to the quick and uncomplicated guide provided below.

Find a better night’s sleep 

Experiencing a night of constant tossing and turning can result in a sense of exhaustion, reduced energy levels, and heightened irritability. Adequate and quality sleep is crucial in supporting our healing process, providing our body with the necessary time to regenerate cells, enhancing our immune system, and allowing our minds a period of rest and relaxation.

Rose Quartz emanates a nurturing energy that facilitates a state of profound contentment within the body.

Citrine promotes positive energy, preventing your mind from indulging in catastrophic thoughts before bedtime.

Amethyst is a widely embraced crystal associated with gentle tranquility.

Moonstone alleviates emotional tension.

Pyrite and Tourmaline serve as protectors, ensuring a secure and peaceful sleep.

Smoky Quartz dispels unpleasant dreams.

Labradorite brings vividness to your dreams.

Chrysoprase diminishes stress and tension, fostering a conducive environment for sleep.

Increased vitality

Tiger’s Eye boosts confidence, propelling you out of your comfort zone and into the world.

Citrine radiates sunny joy, always ready to inject enthusiasm into your steps.

Jasper activates chi, the vital life force energy, providing a burst of power for accomplishing tasks.

Clear Quartz Crystal offers clarity, allowing you to discern the direction you want to pursue. It also amplifies intention.

Enhance your focus and attention.

Quartz epitomizes crystal-clear clarity, clearing mental fog—a valuable tool for refining focus.


Carnelian is the stone of learning, triggering creativity, instilling courage, and enhancing vitality and motivation.

Fluorite enhances balance and coordination in both body and mind, providing a stable foundation for focused tasks.

Sodalite not only harmonizes but also serves as an effective communicator, aiding concentration in the workplace.

Citrine attracts light and joy, guiding you out of dark places, enabling you to approach tasks with laughter and ease.

Lapis Lazuli is a contemplative stone, encouraging wisdom, deep thought, and concentration.

A tranquil state of mind

Jade, renowned for attracting wealth, is also excellent for calming an overactive mind. Its cool touch induces deep breaths.

Rose Quartz is celebrated for alleviating stress and anxiety, opening the heart chakra to foster compassion and love.

Opal is believed to induce happy dreams, lifting the weight of depression and encouraging prayer and meditation.

Blue Lace Agate, with its heavenly blue hue, instantly relaxes the body, mind, and spirit.

Amethyst, known for its calming vibes, with its pale purple shimmer, encourages introspection over mundane worries.

Amber is a stone of serenity, inviting meditation and mental clarity, leaving you tranquil amidst chaos.

Which healing stones are you considering to add softness to your life and enhance your well-being? Share your thoughts in the comments.