Black Onyx Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

Black Onyx


Meaning: Black Onyx, a type of chalcedony, is renowned for its protective and fortuitous qualities, often symbolizing strength, decisiveness, and the capacity to harmonize opposing forces.

Healing Properties: Black Onyx is esteemed for its aptitude to guard against negative energy, boost strength and determination, and anchor individuals in body, mind, and spirit.

Protection: Frequently utilized as an amulet, Black Onyx is a proficient bringer of good fortune, creating a protective shield against potential harm and absorbing adverse energies.

Usage: The direct skin contact achieved by wearing Black Onyx jewelry or keeping the stone close intensifies its healing abilities and transformative energy, making it a preferred choice in Feng Shui practices.

Care: To sustain its efficacy, regular cleansing of Black Onyx is recommended, either through smudging with a sage stick or exposure to sunlight, moonlight, or rain.

What is Onyx

Onyx is a form of chalcedony, characterized by parallel bands of silicate minerals. Its most common appearance is black with white banding, although it can also manifest in various colors such as green, pink, brown, red, and even clear with white banding. Comprised mainly of calcite, Onyx possesses a waxy luster, and its significance lies in symbolizing protection and fortune.

After extensive exploration into the therapeutic attributes of Onyx, this variant of chalcedony resonates deeply within the heart. Here, we examine the potent energy associated with Black Onyx. From providing a shield against negative energies to enhancing sensory acuity and fostering a resolute approach to a joyous and prosperous life, Onyx stands as a symbol of decisiveness and strength. We further delve into the curative properties of this composed and self-assured gem, exploring how it can pave the way and harmonize opposing forces.

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The Black Onyx Gemstone

This vibrant and robust gem derives its name from the Greek term for claw or finger, inspired by its shape and the luminous white bands within it. According to ancient Greek legend, Cupid clipped the fingernails of his mother, the goddess Venus, using his renowned arrow. These immortalized fingernails descended from Mount Olympus to the Indus River, transforming into Onyx.

Indeed, this enigmatic and opulent stone holds significance for goddesses and queens, with Cleopatra herself thought to have cherished its potent protective properties. Onyx offers more than meets the eye, serving not only as a protective talisman but also as a absorber of negative energy, aiding in maintaining our own counsel. Chinese beliefs label Onyx as a powerful protector, making it a favored choice in Feng Shui. In ancient Indian narratives, it is revered as a shield against evil and disharmony, promoting stability and balance, particularly in relationships.

Onyx is extracted from various locations, spanning from India and Brazil to Madagascar, the US, and Russia. Celebrated for its carving suitability, Onyx boasts a hardness score of 6.5 on the Mohs scale, leading to the creation of numerous ancient Roman and Greek artifacts.

Close relatives of Onyx exist, and their layered nature can be perplexing. Ancient texts occasionally mention these variations, complicating the identification of the true stone. To provide clarity, let’s break down the distinctions:

  • Onyx: Comprising layered Chalcedony, often black with white banding or a solid black band. Named after the Greek word for claw, it is considered the eleventh stone on the high priest’s breastplate.
  • Sardonyx: Layers of Onyx alternate with Sard, displaying earthy tones with reddish-brown hues lifted by white Onyx. Its name is derived from the Greek word for flesh, Sarx.
  • Sard: Distinct from Onyx, Sard is a form of Carnelian with burnt reddish or brown Chalcedony hues. Known as Sardius in ancient times, it is said to be the first stone on the high priest’s breastplate.
  • Chalcedonyx or Banded Onyx: Referring to Chalcedony with bands of Onyx, it can feature streaks of cream, black, grey, brown, and black.
  • Red Onyx: Another term for Sardonyx, denoting a variety with a reddish hue.

Healing Properties 

Frequently utilized as a talisman to ward off negative energy, Black Onyx serves as a harbinger of good fortune. All ebony stones possess robust healing characteristics, particularly in the realm of safeguarding and protecting against potential harm. Onyx resonates with potent vibrations, infusing the wearer with shades of strength and determination. Black Onyx not only erects a protective force field around you but also stimulates specific chakras within the body, promoting a firm foundation, enhancing creative concentration, and illuminating novel paths to wisdom. This gemstone elegantly grounds you in body, mind, and soul.

Physical Recovery

Black Onyx serves as a tonic for the nerves, offering a grounding energy that promotes stability in the world. Besides regulating the nervous system, this deep, dark gem enhances the immune system, boosting stamina and aiding recovery after extended periods of illness or fatigue. Onyx proves beneficial for recuperation, steering clear of relapses and encouraging the body to focus on physical healing. It also provides support to bone marrow and tissue structures, contributing to the strengthening of teeth and bones.

Mental & Emotional Well-being

In emotional healing, Black Onyx provides the same grounding strength and vitality as it does for the physical body. Establishing roots becomes crucial for boosting self-confidence and mastering self-control. Individuals prone to bursts of anger or experiencing heightened frustration can find solace in Black Onyx, which stabilizes and grounds them. This stone helps individuals maintain balance, make wise decisions, embrace authenticity, and navigate the delicate equilibrium between task orientation and creative thinking. Particularly useful for those grieving, Black Onyx aids in the mourning process, promoting acceptance and release without losing oneself.

Metaphysical Characteristics

Functioning as a root chakra stone, Black Onyx channels grounding energy, fostering a connection to the earth beneath one’s feet. The root chakra’s cleansing role is vital for maintaining balance in the entire chakra system. Black Onyx also offers protection during crown chakra opening, psychic work, or past life exploration, preventing potential vulnerability. Green Onyx is suitable for heart chakra opening, and White Onyx can unblock the crown chakra.

Zodiac Birthstone

Black Onyx serves as the ideal birthstone for passionate Leos. While Leos possess determination, ambition, and a big heart, Black Onyx helps them balance insecurities and combat jealousy. By grounding Leos, this gem instills a sense of security, reducing the inclination towards possessive behavior patterns. Additionally, Black Onyx empowers Leos to take control of their destinies.

How to Use Onyx Stones 

Carry Stash Black Onyx with you, either on your person or in your pocket, to possess a safeguarding talisman for navigating through life. Opting for Onyx jewelry stands out as one of the most effective methods of utilizing Onyx stones. When Onyx comes into direct contact with the skin, it has the capability to channel its healing powers into the body, elevating your vibrations. Crystals in direct connection with the skin can promptly execute their functions. Unbeknownst to you, they continue working tirelessly, shielding you from negative energy and gently guiding you towards the right paths. Onyx, as a transformative stone, actively contributes to changing your circumstances and perspective on life.

In Feng Shui practice, Black Onyx finds utility as well. It carries a gentle and flowing water energy that resonates with qualities of stillness, quiet contemplation, cleansing, and purity. Placing it in your preferred space enables the creation of a Zen-like sanctuary for mental rest and repose. Its substantial protective vibes make it an excellent choice for positioning near entry points.

How to Cleanse Onyx Crystals 

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Similar to other crystals, regular cleansing and charging are essential for Black Onyx. This protective stone consistently absorbs and dispels negative energies, making it crucial to cleanse it whenever it feels energetically burdened. This practice ensures that the stone remains effective when needed. A straightforward and secure method to cleanse Black Onyx swiftly is by smudging it with a sage stick. Ignite the sage and pass the stone through the smoke for several seconds. Alternatively, you can expose your Black Onyx to sunlight for 6-12 hours to recharge its energy. If sunlight isn’t feasible, leaving the stone in moonlight or even placing it outside in the rain for a day can also serve the purpose.