16 Crystals For Positivity – Let Go Of Negative Energy For Good!

16 Crystals For Positivity - Let Go Of Negative Energy For Good!

The strength of a positive outlook can propel you forward in life. Optimistic thinking has been associated with various benefits, including potentially extending your lifespan, reducing episodes of distress and depression, maintaining a robust immune system, and ensuring the well-being of your emotional and spiritual self.Crystals for Positivity

Life can be challenging, and maintaining a positive mental attitude may pose difficulties. Embracing positivity should not involve suppressing other emotions but rather recognizing them without allowing them to anchor you down for extended periods. Positive thinking holds significant power; it can guide us toward living our most fulfilling lives. When we project fear and negative energy into the world, it may become the reality we find ourselves trapped in. Positive thinking has the ability to liberate us and contribute to the creation of a mindset, magic, and a strategy that invites abundance into our lives.

A positive mindset involves minimizing negative self-talk and taking responsibility for the choices we make in life. It entails nurturing ourselves in numerous subtle ways, offering self-encouragement as we would to a friend, and seeking the positive aspects and personal growth in seemingly challenging situations. The crystals we’ve selected for promoting positivity are recognized for their abilities as mental clarifiers, heart menders, bringers of light, and stabilizers of moods.Crystals for Positivity Explore these incredible crystals to cultivate uplifting thoughts and introduce rainbows into your storms.

Let Go of Negative Energy for Good!

Agate to feel acknowledged and overcome social stress factors

Clear Quartz for clear-thinking

Rose Quartz for understanding and an open heart

Citrine for embracing inner child play and vibrant joy

Amethyst for cultivating positive tranquility

Selenite for warding off negative energy

Carnelian for fostering creative passion

Aventurine for balancing emotions and dispelling frustration

Lapis Lazuli for alleviating social anxiety and embracing authenticity

Black Tourmaline for shielding against draining individuals and situations

Tigers Eye for fostering bold confidence

Moonstone for self-discipline, goddess energy, and embracing change

Chrysocolla for self-awareness and perspective

Fluorite for maintaining stability and engaging in shadow work

Obsidian for building resilience and setting boundaries

Sunstone for addressing seasonal affective disorder and finding warmth

(1) Agate

Appearance: Blue Lace Agate exhibits a soft and dreamy quality with hues of gentle blue reminiscent of a summer sky at dawn.

Functionality: Aligned with the heart and throat chakras, the exquisite Blue Lace Agate embodies composure, compassion, and genuine communication. It serves as a beneficial remedy for individuals grappling with anxiety, offering a rich blend of healing elements. The ability to express oneself and be heard contributes to cleansing negative emotions and cultivating a tranquil mental state. Explore further insights into the significance of Agate.

Appropriate Usage: Turn to Blue Lace Agate when confronted with the burden of social anxieties or experiencing difficulty in self-expression.Crystals for Positivity This tender gem aims to soothe the mind, empowering you to regain control over your destiny.

Clear Quartz Crystal

Appearance: Crystal clear and luminously white, this quartz resembles the brilliance of starlight.

Function: Similar to bathing in the freshness of spring rain, the Clear Quartz crystal channels extensive positive energy into your body, mind, and soul, justifying its title as the master healer. This glistening, clear-minded gem harmonizes the chakras, dispels negative energy, and maintains a state of illumination and clarity in your life. Explore further insights into the significance of Clear Quartz.

Appropriate occasions: Reach for your Clear Quartz stone whenever the need arises to dispel negative emotions or when your thoughts seem foggy and chaotic. This gem functions as a metaphorical reset button.

Rose Quartz

Description: Radiant pink hues characterize its heart-shaped color patterns.

Function: Whether contemplating matters of the heart or seeking emotional recovery, Rose Quartz ensures a daily supply of profound compassion. Crystals for Positivity This crystal revolves around fostering empathy, establishing trust, and maintaining an open heart – essential qualities for leading a constructive and lively existence. Explore further insights into the significance of Rose Quartz.

Appropriate occasions: Turn to Rose Quartz post-breakup or during periods of romantic turmoil. This crystal provides solace and recovery, ensuring that all your connections exude gleaming positivity (particularly the one with yourself).


Description: Sunlight streams through the window, casting a warm and cheerful glow on the surroundings. In the midst of this radiant scene sits a captivating citrine, a gem that exudes a happy-go-lucky charm.

Function: Citrine is known for its sunny and vibrant nature, perfectly aligned with uplifting moods. This gem serves as a reliable pick-me-up, ideal for chasing away the blues or infusing an extra dose of positivity into your day. Crystals for Positivity Referred to as the “merchant’s stone,” citrine is believed to attract luck and abundance, creating a welcoming atmosphere at your doorstep. Not only does it boost energy levels, but it also encourages your inner child to indulge in playful moments.more about the meaning of Citrine

Usage Recommendation: Turn to the cheerful citrine when you find yourself in need of a mood and energy boost. This gem acts as a gentle yet powerful reminder to carry a brighter state of mind, making it an excellent companion for lifting your spirits and maintaining a positive outlook.


Description: Enchanting shades of purple mingled with violet or a more radiant lilac bring joy.

Functionality: Amethyst serves as a remedy for casting away troubles and anxieties, leaving behind a profound sense of tranquility. Positivity doesn’t always require grand gestures; sometimes, it manifests in the beauty of maintaining composure, staying collected, and having a firm grip on life’s challenges. Embracing this perspective can effectively repel negative energies, providing a profound inner peace. Discover more about the significance of Amethyst.

Appropriate occasions: Take a moment to meditate with your Amethyst crystal whenever you feel overwhelmed or seek to infuse more positive serenity into your life.


Appearance: In its natural state, Sweet Selenite appears pale and white with hints of peach.

Properties: Sweet Selenite is reputed to excel in absorbing negative energy. This radiant and lustrous gem serves as a powerful shield, absorbing any negativity that might come your way and ensuring a continuous connection to a state of tranquil serenity. Explore further insights into the significance of Selenite.

Optimal Usage: Selenite is believed to be most potent during significant lunar events. While it can be utilized throughout the month to ward off negative vibes, it is advisable to expose your Selenite stone to the radiance of the full moon. Crystals for Positivity This practice helps to keep it charged, full, and always prepared for its protective duties.


Appearance: A vibrant display of red and orange, radiantly glowing.

Functionality: Dynamic Carnelian not only boasts a burst of vivid colors but also carries a creative spark, always ready to ignite your passion and revitalize your enthusiasm for life. Whether you’re grappling with burnout, experiencing a wane in interest, or sensing a blockage in your solar plexus chakra, Carnelian is your solution. Crystals for Positivity This energetic gem centers around instilling confidence and spreading joy. Explore further insights into the significance of Carnelian.

Appropriate Times: Opt for Carnelian when you find yourself in a creative rut, seeking to awaken your artistic spirit. Creativity serves as a fantastic outlet, aiding in emotional balance, purposeful living, and basking in the radiance of pleasure.


Appearance: Aventurine exhibits various shades of green and is associated with tranquil waters, presenting a serene image of still lakes adorned with healing algae.

Functionality: Aventurine, characterized by its gentle green hue, serves as a heart chakra stone, providing both healing and soothing properties. This stone proves beneficial for stabilizing emotions and lessening the impact of stress and anger on one’s life. Crystals for Positivity By alleviating the burden of unpredictable moods and anger, individuals can lead a more peaceful and charming life, contributing to overall well-being. For a deeper understanding of Aventurine’s significance, explore more about its meaning.

Appropriate Usage: If you find yourself grappling with frustration and struggle to control the fight-or-flight response, Aventurine can serve as an excellent talisman in restoring balance. Similar to taking a calming breath, this stone encourages maintaining composure in challenging situations.

Lapis Lazuli

Appearance: Silver starlight and dark blue midnight skies define the essence of Lapis. It embodies both light and shadow.

Functionality: Lapis Lazuli serves as a conduit, seamlessly bridging communication and intuition by unlocking your throat and third eye chakras. It revolves around embracing the light of truth and making heart-aligned decisions. Crystals for Positivity The stone empowers individuals to lead authentic lives, characterized by sincerity, grace, and guided by personal wisdom. Delve deeper into the significance of Lapis Lazuli.

Appropriate Usage: When grappling with perpetual self-doubt or hindered by shades of social anxiety, Lapis Lazuli becomes a catalyst for boosting confidence.

Black Tourmaline

In appearance, Black Tourmaline exudes an intense, pitch-black and volcanic energy, serving as your safeguard.

Functionality-wise, it serves as a deterrent for negative energy, addressing not only emotional but also physical aspects. Black Tourmaline possesses potent capabilities in erecting a protective barrier around you, making it an excellent addition to your personal space. Crystals for Positivity Its presence ensures the sanctity and security of your surroundings. Beyond protection, it also keeps you rooted, providing the clarity and strength necessary for decision-making based on necessity rather than fear. Explore further insights into the significance of Black Tourmaline.

Appropriate occasions to incorporate it into your routine include carrying Black Tourmaline when anticipating exposure to the unfavorable moods of others or when encountering energy-draining situations or individuals who have a tendency to deplete your energy.

Tiger’s Eye

In appearance: Radiant like the eye of a large feline, this stone displays hues of gold and black, with orange bands.

Functionality: The Tigers Eye exudes strength and confidence, making it an essential gem for individuals seeking to navigate through life with assurance. Confidence can lead to heightened levels of self-esteem, positioning you in a state where you are more inclined to make daring decisions and effectively handle adverse energies. Discover more about the significance of Tigers Eye.

Appropriate occasions: If you happen to struggle with confidence in confrontational situations and expressing your needs,Crystals for Positivity Tigers Eye is the perfect solution. Rely on this daring and lively gem to break free from people-pleasing tendencies.


Appearance: Radiating like the full moon hanging low in the sky.

Functionality: Within the splendid goddess stone, there exists only potency and fragments of optimism. Moonstone possesses a mystical quality, without a shadow of a doubt. This light-hued and luminous gem stands as an enduring beacon in the obscurity, bestowing a torch-like brilliance even in the darkest moments.Crystals for Positivity Moonstone not only aids in emotional equilibrium but also reconnects you with your profound inner self and intensifies your intuition. Furthermore, it guides us in embracing change. Explore more about the significance of Moonstone.

Appropriate occasions: Turn to Moonstone when confronted with panic or when grappling with unavoidable transformations. Change may evoke fear and a sense of being powerless, yet this stone imparts the lesson that we can solely govern ourselves,Crystals for Positivity and with that authority, we can confront any challenge that comes our way. Adopting this mindset allows you to cease resisting and live a more fulfilling life, understanding that there is nothing beyond your capability to manage.


Appearance: Delve into the depths of the ocean with captivating hues of green and blue, adorned with glimpses of vibrant and enchanting copper.

Properties: Recognized as the instructive gem, Chrysocolla is replete with profound life teachings that empower you to embrace your complete and radiant self. This stone acts as a balm for the soul and boasts remarkable properties for the nervous system. Tailored for those who sense a perpetual balancing act on life’s edge, this gem fosters significant self-awareness in a positive manner. Crystals for Positivity It facilitates the smooth flow of communication and enables us to gain perspective, even from the challenges or hardships we’ve encountered. Engaging in healing work equips us to rediscover joy and meaning in our lives. Explore more about the significance of Chrysocolla.

Recommended Usage: Allow Chrysocolla to be your guide whenever the urge for change arises, yet you struggle to pinpoint its nature. This stone subtly collaborates with you, subtly influencing your confidence and self-esteem. As these qualities blossom, positivity is bound to manifest in your life.


Appearance: The crystal radiates hues of purple and green.

Functionality: Rainbow Fluorite embodies potent positivity, serving as a radiant beacon following turbulent times. This aesthetically pleasing gem induces joy while fostering clarity, focus, and lucid thinking. Fluorite, not only grounding, offers stability without restricting freedom. It stands as a reliable crystal to return to after engaging in vision and dream exploration. Establishing a clear self-concept and grounded joy minimizes the likelihood of being overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Explore further insights into the significance of Fluorite.

Appropriate Usage: Delve deep into self-reflection and allow Fluorite to guide you back. While it is crucial to engage in profound soul work, acknowledging our shadow selves and embracing authenticity, Fluorite acts as a compass, preventing one from becoming entangled in the complexities of personal narratives. It facilitates a positive and grounded state, keeping you attuned to your true self.


Description: A deep, dark stone that gleams silver upon closer inspection.

Functionality: Obsidian, a profoundly protective stone, acts as a powerful absorber, adept at soaking up negative energies that may come your way. Whether it’s unwarranted vibes from individuals, locations, or objects, having Obsidian nearby ensures that you are effectively shielded from potential harm. This stone, known for revealing truths, also encourages a journey of self-discovery, urging you to ascertain your true identity and liberate yourself from falsehoods. Learn more about the significance of Obsidian.

Appropriate Usage: Empaths, specifically, may find Obsidian exceptionally beneficial. Empaths have a tendency to absorb both positive and negative energies from others, and Obsidian proves instrumental in fostering resilience and establishing boundaries. This, in turn, enables individuals to maintain their inner radiance without being overshadowed by external influences.


What it appears as: Baked in gold and brown hues reminiscent of terracotta tiles found on the shores of Spain.

What it accomplishes: The Sunstone, resembling the hues of baked terracotta tiles, is more than a mere aesthetic delight. It serves as a harbinger of good fortune, consistently radiating warmth and a positive demeanor. This potent gemstone boasts a rich history tied to all things positive, infusing your soul with a dose of vitamin C. By clearing your solar plexus chakra, it fosters a healthy and balanced mindset, exuding certainty and optimism that can elevate even the most downtrodden spirits. Explore further insights into the significance of Sunstone.

When to deploy it: Whenever you find yourself in a state of lethargy, coldness, or disconnection from the world, invoke the comforting warmth of Sunstone to lift your spirits and immerse yourself in the vivacity of life. It also proves invaluable for individuals grappling with seasonal affective disorder.

How to Use these Stones to Increase Positive Vibes 

Discover an exceptional compilation of crystals radiating positive vibes, providing an unparalleled uplifting experience. The mere proximity of these potent crystals is sufficient to elevate your energy, instill self-love, and evoke a sense of well-being. Additionally, explore various strategies to fully unlock their therapeutic potential. Consider the following suggestions to enhance the positive attributes of your crystals:

  1. Adorn yourself with gemstone jewelry, allowing the crystal to continually attune to your vibrations and align with your inner power.
  2. Construct a healing crystal grid to amplify their collective energy.
  3. Integrate the crystals into your yoga routine by placing them on your mat or holding them closely during mindfulness practices.
  4. Incorporate crystals into your morning routine by placing your hand on a crystal sphere or worry stone while reciting affirmations.
  5. Leverage these crystals in any purifying rituals or practices such as reiki sessions.
  6. Embrace the principles of feng shui to strategically position the crystals within your living space, promoting mental clarity and dispelling negative thoughts.


Crystals can play a significant role in encouraging a more optimistic mindset. These unique gemstones exude self-assurance, positive energy, and elevated vibrations, constituting the essential elements for nourishing your body, mind, and soul with positivity.

What healing crystals, affirmations, or routines do you prefer to enhance your positivity? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, as we work together to construct a more radiant world.