What’s My Birthstone? A Month-By-Month Breakdown

From the blissful enjoyment of the Ancient Greeks to the enchanting enchantment of the Middle Ages, birthstone our association with birth months and precious gems has served as a longstanding source of healing and sacred celebration. The belief persisted that donning the stone linked to your birth month or astrological sign would bestow upon you luck and prosperity, while also accessing the latent powers concealed deep within your heart.

Historians have traced the origins of birthstone jewelry back, with many asserting that the connection originated in antiquity, stemming from the 12 stones selected to embellish the breastplate of Aaron – the High Priest. During the 1st and 5th centuries, Josephus and St Jerome initiated the practice of aligning these stones with the zodiac, which etched starry patterns in the sky.

Birthstones carry a wealth of tradition, belief, and beauty. They unite the concepts of faith and spirituality, forging a connection between us and heaven and earth. These precious stones were selected for their potency, alignment with celestial bodies, and their color correspondence to the months they purportedly represented. Birthstones are linked to the hues of the planets, and depending on your birth month, the planets would have been arranged in a specific alignment. The color of the stone corresponds to the planet positioned farthest from Earth during that time, causing a particular color deficiency in your cosmic constitution. By adorning a birthstone associated with that distant planet, you are restoring balance and collaborating with the universe to counteract any color and energy that might be absent from your spiritual spectrum.

The Difference Between Traditional Birthstones and Modern Birthstones 

The traditional observance of birthstones is associated with astrology and the Zodiac. In ancient times, astrology served as our method for measuring time. Our ancestors divided time into twelve distinct periods, believed to be influenced by the 12 tribes mentioned in the book of Exodus. They assigned a specific gemstone to represent each segment of time, corresponding to the Zodiac.

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The concept of modern birthstones emerged in the early 20th century when Jewelers of America opted to designate birthstones that honored the month of an individual’s birth to align with our contemporary calendar. Although contemporary birthstone lists predominantly feature transparent, shining gems, the traditional gemstone choices encompass a mix of both transparent and opaque stones.

Whether you adhere to the astral stone selection or the modern monthly birthstone calendar ultimately depends on your personal interpretation of belief and faith. When it comes to selecting stones that foster profound healing and a strong connection, it’s always advisable to trust your instincts and choose the stone that resonates most with your soul. Breaking away from the notion that the birthstone associated with your month or zodiac is the only option, working with healing gems is about tuning into your intuition and following your heart.

The Monthly Breakdown

Exploring the realm of birthstones and their profound ties to the corresponding months, you have the opportunity to explore which birthstone aligns seamlessly with each month.

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January Stone – Garnet

Infusing warmth and passion into the chilly winter months and the start of the new year, the January birthstone is the dazzling and radiant Garnet. Known for inspiring creativity, fostering passion, and instilling a sweet sense of hope, the Garnet Stone boasts a rich history. Legend has it that the Garnet was the sole shining light on Noah’s Ark, earning its place as the pomegranate of the precious gem world. Moreover, it holds significance in Chinese medicine, playing a crucial role in enhancing chi flow. The Garnet has the power to envelop your soul in warmth, revive a sense of vitality, and ensure your spirits remain vibrant and healthy.

February Stone – Amethyst

The individual born in February is always prepared to bring tranquility, dreams, and an elevated perspective to their personal journey. Their sacred birthstone is Amethyst, characterized by its majestic lilac hues and the promise of accessing the crown chakra. Amethyst stands out as one of the most spiritually oriented stones in the collection, while also being associated with subdued confidence, a radiant sense of self, and the regulation of hormones and active glands. The remarkable ability of Amethyst lies in its capacity to dispel nervousness, leaving you immersed in a soothing light. Lapis Lazuli is another gem that nurtures the spiritual aspects.

March Stone – Aquamarine

As winter fades away, preparing to yield to the promise of rejuvenation and spring, the serene blue hues of Aquamarine prove to be a perfect match for the March birthstone. This gem embodies profound courage, akin to the bravery required to traverse oceans or submerge oneself in flowing waters to find solid ground. Aquamarine emerges from the depths of the sea, representing the essence of mermaids and titans, silently beckoning you to release control and allow the current to guide you. It purifies the soul at its very core, leaving you cleansed and fully immersed in the present moment. For those in search of other purifying and soothing stones, Blue Lace Agate offers a similar tranquil energy.

April Stone – Diamond

Radiant and pristine, forged from coal into one of the globe’s most sought-after precious gems, especially in the realm of engagement rings, April embraces all that sparkles with the exquisite Diamond birthstone. Diamond is a gem that embodies transparency, clear thinking, multifaceted emotions, and beckons a sense of abundance into your life. Despite being a statement gem linked with grand entrances and affluence, the spiritual essence of the Diamond delves deeper into the elements of life, illumination, and an indomitable, unyielding nature, resilient against the pressures the world may impose. If you opt to avoid Diamonds, Zircon could serve as an admirable alternative.

May Stone – Emerald 

As we step into the fully blossomed month of spring, May resonates with the assurance of new beginnings and boundless optimism. The Emerald, adorned with its captivating leafy green tones, embodies the alluring promise of raindrops glistening on its branches, complemented by the undulating landscapes of dense forests and rolling hills. It serves as a poignant symbol of this period. The Emerald is not just a gem; it is a symbol of rejuvenation, an emblem of affection, and a harbinger of good luck. Linked with sentiments of fertility, this gem held a special place in Cleopatra’s heart, the illustrious queen of Egypt. Even in Ancient Rome, it stood out as the preferred jewel dedicated to Venus, paying homage to her essence of love and beauty.

June Stone – Pearl/Moonstone/Alexandrite

The delightful month of June has the privilege of choosing its designated gem. The Pearl takes precedence, symbolizing the essence of water and purity. This stone embodies sweet simplicity, unwavering authenticity, and an untainted innocence.

Moonstone offers a distinct essence, representing all that the celestial mother imparts. It brings light to dispel darkness, acknowledges cyclical change as a perpetual flow, and exudes feminine grace to nurture every corner of our soul.

Alexandrite is a gem associated with luck and fortune, believed to be a positive omen. Those who wear it are said to find their way to inner peace. With its grey-blue tones, Alexandrite is also believed to harmonize the physical and spiritual dimensions of our universe.

July Stone – Ruby

Health, wealth, and wisdom mark the regal gemstone of Ruby as the beautiful July birthstone for those born in the height of summer. For centuries, the Ruby has represented noble thoughts and flighty fantasies. In Indian folklore the Ruby was called the King of Precious Stones, it is known to bring energy, primordial fire, and a new lust for life back into the sparkle of your soul. Marco Polo was the first to declare this gem the most precious article in the world after spotting the sparkle on the King of Ceylon’s finger and since then, Rubies have been associated with the treasures of love, light, and the lyrical restoration of life for the wearer. Beryl also brings her bright shine out to play.

August Stone – Peridot 

As we pass the peak of the summer months, the green color twinkle of Peridot plays on feel-good vibes. The color of sunlight through trees, lime green shades, or freshly mown grass, Peridot is all about restoring balance, inviting restful sleep, and inviting you to loosen your grip on those tightly wound anxious feelings. For the birthstone of August, it makes perfect sense thanks as one glance will fill you with an enchanting sense of energy. Peridot isn’t all play though – it’s also known as a studious stone that helps the mind finetune its concentration. Trust your heart to shine and invite summer into your soul with Peridot.

September Stone – Sapphire

The mesmerizing deep blue radiance of the Sapphire has been a favorite among crowds since the Middle Ages. Continuously evoking feelings of loyalty, illumination, and safeguarding, Sapphire proves to be an ideal companion for individuals born in September. Its colors, inspired by the celestial realm, also impart a sense of spiritual insight, connecting it to the ancient legends of the Far East. Derived from the Greek term for Precious Stone, the name Sapphire aptly captures its esteemed reputation. Beyond its role as a protector, Sapphire is renowned for its healing properties, particularly in alleviating headaches and migraines..

October Stone – Tourmaline/Opal 

As the nights grow darker, individuals born in October may find comfort in having a protective companion by their side. Black Tourmaline stands out as one of the most powerful guardians among gemstones. With its dark and enchanting appearance, this stone remains ever vigilant in warding off negative energy and absorbing unwanted vibes directed your way. It provides a shield against EMFs, guides you towards a positive mindset, and assists in maintaining strong personal boundaries. For those seeking other stones with potent healing properties, Onyx and Bloodstone are worthy alternatives.

Opal represents another remarkable choice for individuals born in October. The radiant light of the Opal introduces its rainbow-like beauty into your life. This stone symbolizes confidence, faithfulness, and hope. Its dynamic colors serve as a subtle reminder that life is a dance of light, constantly changing and evolving.

November Stone – Yellow Topaz/Citrine

Illuminate the winter months with the gentle and cozy radiance of Yellow Topaz. Frequently utilized as a talisman for tranquility and safeguarding, the November birthstone stands ready to cast its glimmer of faint sunlight upon your soul. This gem is employed to commemorate camaraderie, to mitigate the whirlwind of unruly thoughts, and to fortify the root chakras, providing a sense of safety and stability in our vast shared world.

Citrine embodies pure radiance, infusing the November birthstone celebration with vitality and a burst of Vitamin D. For those who relish turning life’s lemons into lemonade, Citrine is guaranteed to bring a smile to your countenance. This gemstone evokes a playful spirit, dispels stagnant energy, and beckons forth succulence and delight. It functions as an exquisite talisman of good fortune, making it an ideal present for a cherished individual.

December Stone – Blue Topaz/ Tanzanite

As the winter solstice rolls in, December’s birthstone brings the icy touch of Blue Topaz as its beautiful birthstone. Blue Topaz is a gem of deep peace and healing, ever ready to soothe, recharge, and stimulate the heart chakra. With its pale and icy sparkle, this precious stone works closely with the throat and third eye chakra, sowing seeds of open communication and shielding you from bad vibes that may be heading your way.

Tanzanite is the second birthstone of choice for those born in December. This stone of transmutation is ever ready to help you reach for those high vibrations. With its deep purple hues and stimulating connection with the crown and third eye chakra, this is the stone for those who want to see beyond the periphery. Dissolve old patterns, learn to slow down a little, and let the blessed solstice of winter nights and northern lights pave the way for reflection.

How to Cleanse Gemstones

It is crucial to ensure the cleanliness of your gemstones not only to safeguard their precious nature and maintain their vibrant sparkle but also on a spiritual level. Gemstones and healing crystals tend to accumulate energies and vibrations, potentially leading to blockages. When a gemstone becomes energetically blocked, it cannot reach its peak potential, and you may not experience its optimal effects. Numerous gemstones can be easily cleansed using water and a soft cloth. Some may benefit from exposure to slants of sunlight or placement beneath a full moon to recharge their strength. Certain stones may prefer being smudged with sage or placed in water with other tumbled crystals to rejuvenate their vitality. Always conduct research to determine the best cleaning and charging method for your specific stone.

Birthstones are believed to bring profound healing and potent protection to those who choose to wear them. Whether you prefer astral stones and cosmic colors or opt for guidance from modern gemstones, the goal is to commemorate your unique connection with the planets at the time of your birth. Every soul is unique, and each stone can serve as a potent talisman, bringing balance, beauty, and a multitude of benefits.