Root Chakra Stones: These 11 Crystals Are Crucial For Healing

Understanding the Root Chakra / Muladhara

The origin of all things, the initial chakra resides at the bottom of the spine, just above the tailbone. Similar to the trees flourishing overhead, it serves as our link to all terrestrial elements and the center of our equilibrium. In the hierarchy of necessities, the root chakra (also known as Muladhara) is the source of our feeling of security, strength, preservation, endurance, and grounding beauty. It constitutes our survival chakra and stands as one of our most crucial spiritual assets. This is the dormant place for our kundalini serpent and the residence of our masculine energy, serving as the basis for all other points of chakra in the body. The root chakra forms our base and significantly influences our emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

When our root chakra is unbalanced or obstructed, it can induce a sense of imbalance. We may grapple with foundational sensations of solidity and grounding. A constant sense of unease or a lack of self-trust in decision-making, coupled with skepticism towards others, might arise. Feelings of being lost, stressed, or excessively anxious can manifest. Additionally, there is a risk of becoming ensnared in a scarcity mindset, fearing that positive things will not come our way again. Losing connection with our root chakra may lead to a feeling of powerlessness, resulting in the surrender of our joy. Apathy, flightiness, and erratic responses in fight, freeze, and fawn situations may also be experienced.

A blocked root chakra can extend its impact to our physical health, particularly affecting the lower body. Issues ranging from bladder and colon complications to arthritis and compromised parasympathetic nervous responses may arise when our root is disturbed, impacting our baseline health.

Thankfully, rectifying the root chakra imbalance is not a complex task. Numerous practices involving grounding energy and elemental approaches can revitalize this area. From yoga and meditation to deep breathing and standing barefoot on the soil, and certainly utilizing the therapeutic vibrations of base chakra crystals, all these methods can reestablish your connection to the world beneath your feet and elevate your sense of safety and belonging.

Healing Crystals for the Base Chakra

There exist some remarkable gemstones associated with the root chakra that can provide the stability, connection, and purifying energy necessary to anchor you in an ideal manner. Elevating the energy of the root chakra involves fortifying your sense of both physical and emotional security, establishing a firm foundation for addressing elevated emotions. Typically, the most effective crystals for the base chakra are those exhibiting hues akin to the root chakra – envision deep reds, earthy browns, and blacks. The black stones are particularly focused on grounding and introducing a potent volcanic energy to the equation. Let’s delve into a detailed exploration of the optimal healing crystals for cleansing the base chakra…


A myriad of pomegranate hues resides within the vibrant red center of the exquisite Garnet stone. This uncommon and invigorating gem associated with the root chakra embodies revitalizing energy. Perpetually serving as a source of vitality, Garnet uplifts diminished energy levels and provides assistance across the spectrum of both emotional and physical well-being. For those experiencing a sense of diminished courage and strength, Garnet radiates from its core, bestowing that rejuvenating kundalini power once more. Explore further insights into the significance of Garnet.


The lustrous, silvery appearance of Hematite’s rugged stone is dedicated to negating negativity. This stone serves as an efficient cleanser for the root chakra, extracting energy from your aura and channeling it through the base chakra until equilibrium is restored. Hematite excels in grounding individuals in the present moment. For those prone to letting their thoughts gallop like untamed horses across hills, this stone reorients them to the current moment. It is excellent at prompting mindfulness for the exact moment you are experiencing, not the moment you believe you are in. As a mental stone, Hematite ensures that you gain control over your thoughts before they gain control over you. Explore further insights into the significance of Hematite.

Black Obsidian 

Jet Black Obsidian embodies pure energy, earthly essence, and the calming influence of the root chakra. This wonderfully dark stone represents a powerful natural force. Intrinsically protective, this gleaming dark gem is meticulously polished and is thought to possess reflective qualities, allowing it to reveal the truth within your own soul. It serves as a stunning grounding companion, readily assisting you in discerning falsehoods so that you may stride in the illumination of knowledge, wisdom, and authenticity. When armed with a stone that reinforces trust in your instincts, your root chakra gains strength, providing you with a greater sense of stability and readiness to confront life’s challenges. Obsidian dissolves past traumas, redirects you away from concealed psychic threats, and directs you towards elevated living, all while maintaining a firm foundation. Explore further insights into the significance of Obsidian.

Red Jasper 

With earthy and lively tones, Red Jasper proves to be an exceptionally nurturing gemstone proficient in clearing both your root chakra and sacral chakra effortlessly. This stone, brimming with revitalizing chi, exudes warmth and intense energy. It is commonly referred to as the stone of endurance, celebrated for elevating motivation levels and aiding in overcoming various obstacles and challenges. Red Jasper achieves this by instilling inner strength and confidence, empowering you to seize life boldly. Enhancing vitality, connecting you to your authentic power, and igniting your passion are among the remarkable attributes of this vibrant gem. Additionally, it is believed that the Red Jasper stone can stimulate your kundalini serpent. To delve deeper into the significance of Red Jasper, explore more about its meaning.


The favored crystal for samurai, soldiers, and warriors heading into battle is the warrior stone, a dark silvery-green and red-flecked gem. Holding this potent stone instills a sense of invincibility, working to clear the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, and the beating heart chakra. Bloodstone, an emotional balancer, prevents the influence of erratic and flighty emotions, providing stability to the heart and mind. It alleviates anxiety and acts as a shield against malevolent forces. Explore further insights into the significance of Bloodstone.


The passionate embrace of Carnelian is a delightful experience for your root chakra. This artistic gemstone is also linked to the sacral chakra, serving as a lively reminder of the numerous pleasures that accompany life. Whenever you sense lethargy, a dip in mood, or a loss of vibrancy, Carnelian intervenes to invigorate your foundational chakras and elevate you once more. Carnelian embodies confidence, radiance, and remarkable courage. It bestows upon you the motivation and zeal required to confront the challenges of life. As a stone of resilience, it ensures you possess the fortitude to see things through. Learn more about the significance of Carnelian.

Black Tourmaline 

Draped in the darkness of night, Black Tourmaline embodies protective and potent root chakra energy. This profoundly therapeutic gemstone works marvels on your sense of security, ensuring you feel completely shielded from prying eyes that may harbor ill intentions. Moreover, it safeguards you from potential electromagnetic field (EMF) side effects, particularly for those sensitive to them. Black Tourmaline is renowned for converting negative energy into positive, effectively dispelling feelings of anxiety, depression, and overall despondency. It extends positive support to the adrenal glands, restoring your energy levels to their optimal state. Discover more about the significance of Black Tourmaline.

Tiger’s Eye 

Empowering and protective, the Tigers Eye emanates a strong feline aura, instilling a sense of fulfillment and joy each time you venture outside. Adorned with bands of earthly gold, black, brown, and orange hues, the Tigers Eye sparkles with inherent potency. It fortifies your root chakra, serving as a reminder that you wield control over your destiny and can navigate any challenge. Tigers Eye enhances our innate body language, facilitating the expression of our needs and aspirations to the world. It encourages a confident posture, dispelling toxic energy, and ensuring that you remain firmly grounded no matter the circumstances. This is a formidable energy, and Tigers Eye excels in delivering it. Explore further insights into the significance of Tigers Eye.

Smoky Quartz 

The Smoky Quartz stone sparkles with silver mists and enchantment from head to toe. This stone not only aligns and purifies the root chakra but also interacts with the crown chakra. Smoky Quartz establishes a profound connection with the earth while embodying the quintessential energy of the quartz family, functioning as a powerful amplifier and messenger to the universe. Its teachings encourage the release of unhelpful elements in our lives and aid in gaining clarity on the paths we wish to pursue. With its mild energy, Smoky Quartz effectively dissolves obstacles without causing emotional turmoil. If a gemstone embodied a deep breath, it would undoubtedly be Smoky Quartz. Explore further insights into the significance of Smoky Quartz.

Black Onyx 

.Another one of the protective black stones, Onyx is here to assist in the healing of your root chakra and maintain a stable foundation. This polished, dark gem possesses similar attributes to Obsidian, promoting the flow of physical strength and mental endurance. It encourages your inner warrior to emerge and keeps you connected to the earth beneath your feet, allowing you to channel that energy throughout your entire being. When we feel secure, strong, and complete, we can confidently pursue our passions and creativity, occupying the space we require and sitting in our soul seat without the concern of external forces attempting to take over.

Moss Agate 

While Moss Agate is commonly linked with the heart chakra, its earthly energy is adept at facilitating healing for the root chakra as well. This gemstone embodies the essence of spring rain, always prepared to cleanse away the concerns and troubles that may be weighing you down. Moss Agate emanates with the nurturing energy of Gaia and was frequently utilized by farmers to ensure a fruitful harvest. As a crystal that promotes abundance, it serves as an excellent ally for engaging in root chakra practices. Moss Agate encompasses the elements of water, stone, forest, and shade, bringing a calming influence to heated minds and turbulent emotions. It stimulates the immune system and fosters a sense of security and sanctity within the body, allowing you to fully experience a flourishing peace. Delve deeper into the significance of Moss Agate to uncover more about this remarkable gem.

How Can You Use These Crystals?

Now that you possess a compilation of exquisite deep-rooted crystals, here are guidelines for utilizing them to cleanse your initial chakra effectively.

Mindfulness – grasp your gemstone while engaging in serene meditation. Envision a luminous white light entering the space of your root chakra, expelling any impediments and enabling the free flow of your energy.

Adornments – immerse yourself in subconscious healing by constantly carrying your root chakra crystal. Gemstone jewelry serves as an uncomplicated method to sustain elevated healing vibrations, ensuring continuous clarity and charge even when you are on the move.

Crystal Orbs – cradle the crystal sphere in your hands, rubbing or rolling the gem for thirty seconds to activate its potency. Position it on your root chakra area, picturing the energy of the sphere delving deep to eliminate any stagnant forces. If you sense a need for additional energy, roll it across the root chakra.

Within the Household – if carrying gems on your person isn’t your preference, you can transform your living space into a sacred haven as well. Situate these gems near your entrance, beside your laptop, in proximity to communal areas, and in any location where you perceive a risk of negative energy.

What Else Can You Use?

For individuals experiencing a sense of blockage in their root chakra and desiring a profound approach to harness healing energy for liberation, these techniques can be beneficial. There are numerous ways to release the blockage in your root chakra, and nearly all involve engaging in grounding practices to reestablish a connection with Mother Earth.

Walking barefoot is among the simplest methods to ground oneself—simply kick off your shoes and stroll barefoot on the ground. This immediate contact allows the soles of your feet to connect with the natural vibrations of the Earth.

Essential oils can provide instant grounding—from soothing lavender to sweet and earthy sage. Choose oils with earthy connections to the natural world, and let their aromas bring you back to the present moment.

Engaging in gardening is another effective approach—bury your fingers in the soil and reconnect with life at its fundamental level. Whether planting flowers and seeds, harvesting fruit and vegetables, or tending to weeds, even the smallest actions in the garden can naturally promote healing for your root chakra.

Yoga and meditation practices also offer valuable support. Seek out videos and classes that specifically focus on the root chakra, emphasizing gratitude, breath awareness, and maintaining rooted feet even during dynamic movements, as these practices can contribute significantly to the healing process.


The initial step in achieving complete control over your power is your root chakra. When this chakra is obstructed, it can adversely impact all your energy points due to the absence of a clear flow. Additionally, it’s challenging to concentrate on your spiritual awakening when you feel unsafe and insecure in your body and surroundings. Incorporating the cleansing and clearing of your root chakra into your daily wellness routine is essential. This potent force lays the foundation for our significant achievements and ensures that, regardless of the challenges we face, we maintain a steadfast sense of personal power.