Obsidian Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Obsidian Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses


Significance: Obsidian stands as a potent grounding stone renowned for its capacity to ward off negativity and enhance mental clarity.

Curative Attributes: This stone facilitates digestion, aids in detoxification, and has the potential to alleviate arthritis pain, joint issues, and cramps.

Safeguarding: Functioning as a protective barrier, obsidian guards against psychic assaults, negative forces, and emotional injuries.

Application: Obsidian finds frequent use in meditation, dream exploration, and is valued for its capability to dispel confusion while fostering emotional well-being.

Maintenance: For cleansing and recharging obsidian, it is advised to place it in a receptacle of water with a few drops of essential oil or beneath moonlight.

What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that occurs naturally through the swift cooling of felsic lava. Its natural color is black, displaying a glassy texture and a vitreous luster. Various shades of Obsidian exist, such as rainbow, snowflake, gold, and mahogany. Known for its hardness and brittleness, Obsidian was frequently employed for crafting tools. The significance attributed to Obsidian revolves around notions of safety and grounding.

The Protective Obsidian Stone

Emerging from the potent energy of a volcano, historically employed for crafting arrowheads and cutting implements, the razor-sharp edges of Obsidian symbolize the capacity to pierce through darkness and uncover illumination.

Mysterious and captivating, Obsidian’s volcanic glass rock serves as a shield against negative energy and a robust anchor, grounding individuals in the beauty of life. While some may be drawn to brighter stones, Obsidian possesses a unique allure. Upon closer inspection, one can discern the milky flecks of soothing Snowflake Obsidian or the dazzling glimmer of Golden Obsidian. It is a stone that recognizes the diversity of preferences, presenting itself in various forms. Regardless of whether one selects the rainbow hues of the velvety night color or other variations, all Obsidian stones share an intense healing essence, always ready to uplift.

Formed through the rapid cooling of volcanic lava, Obsidian hardens like glass through a natural and scientific process. Existing since time immemorial, it played a role in Mayan trade as early as 100 B.C.

Obsidian can be discovered worldwide, from the azure shores and fisherman huts of Greece to the icy landscapes of Iceland, and the legendary jungles and forgotten cities of Mexico. Steeped in history, Obsidian was cherished by the Mayans and Aztecs, finding uses in jewelry, homeware, and weaponry. It was a material for crafting arrowheads and cutting tools, surpassing gold in value during its prime. Beyond its practical applications, Obsidian was coveted by shamans, healers, and spiritualists of the Stone Age. Light healers and crystal gazers sought Obsidian for its ability to delve into spiritual realms.

The sharp edges of Obsidian symbolized the piercing of darkness to reveal the truth’s white light. Its polished surface mirrored a window to the future, offering clear insights. Rooted in volcanic energy, Obsidian’s dark sheen reveals myriad aspects for those exploring its protective and grounding qualities.

If Obsidian doesn’t resonate with you, explore our Essential Crystal Guide for a gemstone that brings profound healing and joy into your life.

The Different Types of Obsidian

Various varieties of Obsidian stones exist, each adorned in its unique array of hues. The following delineates the diverse types of Obsidian, aiding you in choosing the stone that resonates most with your preferences.

Black Obsidian

The exemplar stone representing the title of Obsidian, Black Obsidian, possesses an intense darkness reminiscent of night. It serves as a potent instrument for individuals in search of protection, grounding, profound healing, and unraveling falsehoods to uncover the truth.

Rainbow Obsidian

Displaying luminous hues beneath its surface, Rainbow Obsidian is a poetic stone with a dreamlike quality. Similar to the swirling colors in oil, this stone is employed for grounding and centering the individual. Additionally, it is utilized to maintain balance in the root chakra.

Snowflake Obsidian

The Snowflake Obsidian Stone brings about a sense of amazement as white patterns gracefully move beneath its dark surface. Recognized for its capacity to facilitate pattern shifts, this stone emanates calming energies that work to soothe frazzled nerves.

Mahogany Obsidian

The vibrant array of colors present in Mahogany Obsidian is renowned for its strong protective abilities. When someone finds themselves in a susceptible situation, Mahogany Obsidian ensures that it repels any potential attacks.

Golden Obsidian 

The brilliance of the Golden Obsidian Stone is remarkable. Referred to as The Wizard Stone, Golden Obsidian aids in awakening your third eye and illuminates negativity, empowering you to ascend to a superior way of life.

Obsidian Healing Properties

Rich in healing properties, Obsidian held a status higher than gold for a significant reason. This gemstone primarily focuses on promoting growth, ensuring protection, and establishing a connection with the root chakra – essentially the core of our sense of security in the world. Obsidian goes beyond merely maintaining mental focus; it actively aligns both your physical and spiritual well-being.

Physical Healing Properties

Promotes unobstructed blood circulation

Aids in alleviating digestive concerns

Facilitates the healing of deep tissues

Obsidian, functioning as a highly protective stone, is always prepared to maintain your entire body in a state of readiness for action. This entails supporting every part of your body in staying detoxified. Primarily, Obsidian excels at ensuring your blood circulates fully and remains in a healthy flow. Additionally, it proves highly beneficial for individuals grappling with digestive issues and proves remarkable for those facing challenges with the gall bladder. Essentially, the Obsidian Stone is dedicated to ensuring your optimal health. It serves as a crystal that sustains a robust, vibrant, and healthy heartbeat, while also invoking profound healing in deep tissues, allowing your body to renew itself and exude freshness, youthfulness, and vitality.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Removes adverse energy

A stone for seekers of truth

Bestows bravery

Designed to safeguard and facilitate profound healing, the Obsidian Stone excels in warding off negative energy. Whether the negativity arises from within or external sources, Obsidian acts as a protective cloak, ensuring you remain unaffected and avoid descending into despair. It serves as a companion stone, fostering a sense of security.

While some may prefer lighter-hued stones over the darker tones of Obsidian, it’s crucial to recognize life’s need for balance. The absence of night means no day, and without darkness, there is no light. Obsidian steps in to maintain this equilibrium. Functioning as a truth-seeker stone, it doesn’t promote falsehood but encourages confronting various aspects of oneself, ensuring you are whole and resilient when stepping into the light.

In essence, Obsidian provides the courage to navigate the unknown, accept your true self, and release old traumas, letting go of what no longer serves you. Embracing the practice of letting go and confronting your inner self opens the door to substantial growth. Before you realize it, the branches you may have inadvertently restrained are ready to reach for the sky.

Metaphysical Properties

Balances the root chakra

Eliminates obstacles in the solar plexus chakra

Possesses reflective properties for insights into other realms

The Obsidian Stone establishes a robust connection by enhancing your root chakra. This particular chakra holds significant importance as it is responsible for grounding us, irrespective of the external circumstances. A blocked root chakra leaves us feeling unanchored and vulnerable, surrounded by perceived threats and negativity. With Obsidian sending its healing energy straight where it is needed,  Obsidian ensures that you stand firm, secure, and protected from any potential psychic attacks.

Throughout history, sages and healers sought the influence of Obsidian to open the third eye chakra. They believed that the mirror-like attributes of Obsidian could offer glimpses into alternate realms, leading the way to higher knowledge and cosmic consciousness. Additionally, Black Obsidian Stone is recognized for its assistance in unblocking the solar plexus chakra, the third chakra associated with self-esteem and worth. A blocked solar plexus chakra can disrupt our balance and leave us feeling adrift, insecure, or withdrawn. By utilizing the reflective qualities of Obsidian, you can introspect and remove the barriers hindering you from living your best life, free from the constraints of fear.

Zodiac Birthstone

An amulet designed for the Scorpio

zodiac sign is equally fitting for Sagittarians.

Obsidian proves to be an exceptional talisman for Scorpios, known for their fiery, passionate, and intense nature, ruled by Pluto and Mars—the deities associated with the underworld and war. While the intense energy of Scorpios can be advantageous, it’s crucial to ensure protection during emotional upheavals. Obsidian steps in as the savior in such situations. Intense like Scorpios, Obsidian possesses mirror-like qualities that facilitate deeper self-reflection. This stone aids in staying grounded, especially when delving into the profound shadows for essential inner work, leading to significant healing.

For those finding Black Obsidian too overwhelming, alternatives like Snowflake Obsidian, Gold Sheen Obsidian, or the Apache Tears variation provide a gentler approach.

Sagittarians, with their adventurous and honest nature, also find compatibility with the Obsidian Stone as their birthstone. The dynamic pairing of adventurous Sagittarians and Black Obsidian, acting as a protector, is harmonious. This is particularly beneficial for wearers who may impulsively embark on their next great adventure without much forethought. In moments of high-flying energy, Obsidian ensures grounding without making the wearer feel restricted. Instead, it allows excess energy to flow down to the earth, where it is absorbed by Mother Earth.

Using Obsidian

Explore our Snowflake Obsidian Bracelet

Wear it for protection and direct healing

Step into the realm of grounding

Whether discreetly placed in your pocket, gracing your altar, or worn around your wrist as Obsidian gemstone jewelry, this stands as an essential healing crystal that deserves a place in your life. For those dedicated to undertaking shadow work, maintaining a shield, and embracing truthfulness and healing, Obsidian should find a space in your world. Delve into various ways to incorporate the dark and enchanting essence of Obsidian into your life.

Home & Office 

Obsidian serves as a stunning stone that contributes to the equilibrium of your living space while providing protection. Being a volcanic-rich stone that amalgamates all the earthly elements – earth, fire, water, and air – the Obsidian crystal embodies untamed nature at its pinnacle of strength. The inherent grounding vibes of Obsidian make it particularly potent. To safeguard your dwelling, strategically place Obsidian near the entrance, creating a threshold where half-truths and deceit are left behind by all who enter. This ensures that individuals step into your realm with sincerity and devoid of illusions, aligning with Obsidian’s protective design for you and your loved ones.

For those seeking to engage in subconscious shadow work, incorporating Obsidian into your creative or office space is beneficial. Its grounding properties assist in maintaining resilience and self-commitment, preventing you from succumbing to undue obligations or undertaking excessive work beyond your capacity. Whether it’s Black Obsidian or any other variation, utilizing Obsidian assures that it consistently supports you.


Embracing Obsidian in your life can be most effectively achieved through the choice of Obsidian gemstone jewelry. Placing this highly curative stone directly onto your skin ensures that you absorb its beneficial vibrations unimpeded, clearing blockages without any hindrance from fabric. Whether it’s a Snowflake Obsidian bracelet or a dazzling Golden Obsidian fashion statement, keeping this stone close at all times maximizes its true potential and power.

If you’re exploring complementary gemstones for your Obsidian bracelet, consider the protective and healing properties of Hematite. Hematite, renowned for its grounding attributes and likened to a falling star, acts as a shield against negative energy, imparting a radiant self-confidence to each step.

Lapis Lazuli is another stone that harmonizes well with Obsidian. Cherished by artists worldwide for depicting celestial wonders, Lapis is a lullaby of truth. Recognized for enhancing mental acuity, fostering inner reflection, and promoting connection with others by infusing compassion and authenticity into your narrative.

Additional stones that synergize effectively with Obsidian include Labradorite, known for stimulating the third eye chakra, as well as Onyx and Black Tourmaline. The latter possesses potent protective capabilities and is commonly utilized to counter issues associated with EMF.

How to Cleanse Your Obsidian Gemstone

Purify using water

Energize under the moonlight or with a singing bowl

For all those who want a stone that doesn’t shy away from inviting spiritual shadow side healing, it is crucial to maintain its energetic clarity. These potent healing stones have the potential to accumulate unwanted energies, and by purifying and recharging them, you ensure a smooth flow that allows the stone to operate at its maximum capacity and radiance. The process of clearing your Obsidian gemstone is straightforward, involving running it under water. Given its affinity for all the elements, Obsidian also appreciates exposure to moonlight, providing a gentler method of clearing and simultaneously recharging its energy. Some individuals opt for smudging their stones to dispel any accumulated negative energy. Sage or other potent herbs are effective for this purpose. Alternatively, if you possess a singing bowl or bells, utilizing sound as a cleansing and charging method works well with Obsidian, as it responds positively to both the instruments and their vibrational frequencies.

Geological Properties

Chemical Classification: Volcanic glass

Chemical Formula: SiO2 (silicon dioxide)

Crystal System: Amorphous (lacks a crystal system)

Color: Typically dark-colored (black, brown, red), occasionally green or blue

Streak: White or colorless

Luster: Vitreous (resembling glass)

Transparency: Ranges from translucent to opaque

Occurrence: Originates near volcanic activity; discovered in regions with historical or ongoing volcanic processes

Formation: Develops from swiftly cooling lava (volcanic glass)

Diaphaneity: Translucent to opaque

Cleavage: Absent

Mohs Hardness: 5 – 5.5

Specific Gravity: 2.35 – 2.65

Diagnostic Properties: Fracture, conchoidal fracture, lacks a crystalline structure

Chemical Composition: Silicon dioxide (SiO2), along with impurities

Crystal System: Amorphous, without a crystal structure

Optical Properties: Isotropic, no birefringence

Refractive Index: 1.48 – 1.51

Birefringence: None

2V Angle: None

Dispersion: None

Other Characteristics: Volcanic glass, originates from lava flow, exhibits sharp edges, frequently black or dark-colored

Final Thoughts on Obsidian

For individuals seeking a stone unafraid of facilitating spiritual shadow side healing, Obsidian proves to be an ideal companion. When our lives unfold in the shadows of falsehoods, illusions, hindrances, or any form of concealment driven by fear, we undermine our true selves and neglect our full potential. Engaging in shadow work may be daunting, but Obsidian operates in a manner that doesn’t necessitate forceful navigation. It delicately dissipates the veil, encouraging you to cross the threshold into a realm of clarity, serenity, and the foundational chakra space that fosters an enduring sense of security. Crystal healing attains a pinnacle with the myriad beneficial properties of Obsidian, making it an essential inclusion in your healing crystal collection.

What are your reflections on the profound dark attributes of the Obsidian Stone? Are you prepared to embrace your shadow side and embark on that transformative journey? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Obsidian FAQs

Understanding Obsidian: A Protective Gemstone

Obsidian, a shielding gemstone, is crafted from volcanic glass and boasts a deep hue, serving as a tool for safety and grounding. Its historical significance dates back to 100 BC when the Mayans engaged in trade involving this unique gemstone, employing it in the creation of arrowheads and tools. Today, Obsidian has transitioned into a healing crystal, embodying its enduring role in various aspects of human life.

The Functionality of Obsidian

Primarily oriented towards protection and grounding, Obsidian stands as a truth seeker, facilitating a connection to reality. This enigmatic gemstone works to anchor individuals, shielding them from negative energies and encouraging an honest confrontation with the truth, fostering an authentic way of living.

The Geological Identity of Obsidian

Obsidian, classified as a type of igneous rock, transforms into volcanic glass through the process of extrusion. Ejected from volcanoes, it undergoes natural rapid cooling from felsic lava, solidifying into the unique substance known as Obsidian.

Formation Process of Obsidian

As an igneous rock evolving into volcanic glass post-volcanic eruption, Obsidian’s formation involves the swift cooling and solidification of volcanic lava. The inability of atoms to arrange themselves into a crystalline structure results in the creation of a mineraloid—a type of volcanic glass.

Mineral or Not?

Although often referred to as a mineral, Obsidian doesn’t strictly fit the criteria of a true mineral due to the absence of mineral crystals in its composition. Originating from liquid that cools and congeals, it contains trace minerals and rocks, earning it the classification of a mineraloid.

Diverse Applications of Obsidian

Utilized for grounding, healing, and protection, Obsidian serves various purposes. Physically, it aids in maintaining circulation and supports the healing of deep tissues. Emotionally, it acts as a barrier against negativity, fostering the courage to explore the unknown. Spiritually, it reinforces the root chakra, promoting a sense of safety and security not only within oneself but also in the broader world.