How To Cleanse Crystals: 9 Crucial Practices You Need To Know

Why Cleansing Crystals is Important

Whether you possess a single, special sparkling crystal that resonates with your soul or if you own a distinct gemstone corresponding to each chakra, tending to your precious stones is crucial for maximizing their benefits. Crystals play a remarkable role, aiding us in navigating through chaos, restoring balance, shielding us from negative vibes and toxic energies, and consistently emanating high vibrations to bolster our strength and tranquility. In essence, they remain active.

Understanding the process of cleansing crystals is key to ensuring your gems stay fully charged and perpetually prepared to uphold those therapeutic energies at their peak. A thorough crystal cleanse not only preserves the brilliance of your gem but also assists in fortifying your connection and establishing an unbreakable bond with your beautifully nurturing stones.

The Top Methods to Remove Negative Energy 

Cleaning your crystals and ensuring a thorough plug recharge is not a complicated task, but it holds significant importance. The emotional stones you keep nearby and regularly utilize require more frequent cleansing compared to the gems resting on the shelf. The extent of usage directly correlates with the need for cleansing. Crystals excel at absorbing energy from their surroundings, and it’s essential not to let your cherished gem accumulate an excess of negative residue. Explore these uncomplicated methods to ensure your stones consistently bask in radiant light, effectively eliminating any strange

New Moon/Full moon 

Crystals and moonlight are inherently connected. There’s a special resonance between the divine essence of a full moon and the refreshing aura of a newborn moon. The moon possesses the ability to purify crystals on a profound energetic level, a tradition upheld for centuries. Moonlight additionally facilitates the absorption of affectionate feminine energy by your gemstones. The full moon carries an energy of release, while a new moon imparts an energy of growth.

Position your crystals on the windowsill before retiring for the night and leave them overnight. This allows ample time for your gem to absorb the abundant, luxurious light. Even if the entire night is not feasible, a few hours will yield remarkable results. This cleansing method proves beneficial for all stones, especially those that are incompatible with water.


An eclipse possesses an incredible energetic force and evokes the same sensations as turning a page in a new chapter. Whether it’s a solar or lunar eclipse, it presents a perfect opportunity to infuse your crystals with fresh energy. Significant shifts can occur during this natural phenomenon. The lunar eclipse is closely tied to profound internal transformations, while the solar eclipse signifies external shifts and intense changes to the fabric of your life. It’s an excellent chance for individuals trapped in stagnant energy to shake things up.

Discover the schedule for the next solar or lunar eclipse and place your gems on a windowsill, balcony, or a secure outdoor area where they can absorb the radiant light. Ensure that your gems can withstand sunlight if you choose solar eclipse charging. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause certain gems to fade, and even warm sun-colored stones should not be exposed for too long. Clear Quartz is a suitable gem for both cleansing and charging practices in these scenarios.

Salt Water 

For individuals who have experienced the refreshing embrace of the ocean, the remarkable healing properties of saltwater are well-known. Employing saltwater to cleanse your crystals proves effective in absorbing undesirable energy and dispelling various forms of negativity. Utilizing saltwater provides an ideal method for instilling a gentle current into your gems, tapping into the tidal power associated with trust and transformation. If you reside near the ocean, you can easily gather a bowl of saltwater for your crystals. However, for those landlocked, fret not – the addition of salt to water will serve the same purpose.

Ensure that your crystals are fully immersed in the saltwater for a few hours, or even an entire day if you can endure the separation. Always take the time to properly pat dry your stones upon removal. It’s crucial to note that not all crystals are compatible with water. While robust stones like Amethyst and quartz can withstand the cleansing process, softer and more porous varieties such as Selenite, Lepidolite, Malachite, and Angelite should avoid exposure to water.


Engaging in the practice of smudging to dispel negative energy is a well-known and effective method. This ancient technique often involves the use of herbs such as sage, cedar, lavender, or sweetgrass. Among these, sage stands out as a popular choice due to its numerous healing properties. This powerful herb is renowned for its purifying qualities, its ability to connect individuals to the spirit realm, its capacity to clear away negative energy, and its soothing effects on various stress levels. This is precisely the atmosphere your fatigued crystal requires.

When smudging your stones, it is crucial to be in proximity to an open window or outdoors, providing a pathway for the dispelled negative energy. For optimal and clean results, utilize bundled sage sticks. Light the tip of the sage stick in one hand and the stone in the other, then gently wave the sage over the stone, allowing the smoke to envelop it for at least 30 seconds. One notable advantage of the smudging technique is its compatibility with any crystal, particularly those like Pyrite, where preserving their shimmering luster is essential.


While the moon exudes feminine energy, the sun’s golden radiance embodies a more masculine essence, symbolizing vitality, energy, and life-bringing potency. The sun holds commanding influence, and for anyone who has dispelled winter woes by turning their face to its warmth, it’s evident that this celestial body exudes formidable power. Choose a beautiful day or a cloudless sky, and expose your stone to the warming rays of sunlight. Instantly infused with solar energy, there’s nothing more gratifying than holding a sun-soaked stone, sensing the joy permeate the depths of your soul.

Although sunlight’s sparkle is an effective method for enhancing the cleansing of your gem, not all stones thrive in the summer and sunlight. Some crystals may fade and lose vibrancy if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, and caution should be exercised to prevent any stone from prolonged exposure. Darker stones like Hematite and vividly colored ones such as Carnelian typically respond well to sunlight. However, certain stones, including Ametrine, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Calcite, Beryl, and Citrine (despite its sunny disposition), should avoid direct sunlight, as they are rare gems susceptible to color loss.


An alternative and wise approach to purifying and energizing crystals involves utilizing the power of sound. Employing sound frequency to envelop your crystal and elevate it to a new vibration is a reliable and risk-free method for cleansing your gemstones. This is a quick and efficient technique, making it a smart choice for individuals with a substantial collection of crystals that would be time-consuming to cleanse and charge individually.

Whether you opt for chanting, tuning forks, or the melodious tones of a singing bowl or bells, the crucial aspect is that the sound can resonate with a frequency that encompasses the stones. This method is applicable to any type of stone, and the sound bath doesn’t need to extend beyond five minutes.

Larger Stones

Utilizing geodes and slabs presents an alternative method for purifying your smaller crystals. Employing substantial stones for the purpose of charging provides a straightforward and uncomplicated means of allowing your gems to undergo mutual healing and energy exchange. Quartz and Selenite exhibit exceptional proficiency in cleansing other crystals. Clear Quartz, recognized as the master healer, and Selenite, adept at dispelling negative vibes, are particularly noteworthy in this regard.

To cleanse your other crystals using larger geodes, clusters, and slabs, you can simply place the smaller gems on top of the more substantial stones. If achieving this balance appears challenging, an alternative is to place them together in a bag or rest them side by side on a plate. Allow them to intermingle with each other’s energies for a duration of six hours, or for those with patience, leave them undisturbed overnight.


The Earth stands as a fundamental element, and standing barefoot on soil or grass can instantly purify and revitalize the spirit. Crystals, too, share this rejuvenating quality. Placing your gemstones in the soil proves to be an effective method of re-grounding them, allowing any negative energy to dissipate. This burial technique is a robust choice for individuals seeking to thoroughly cleanse their gems after engaging in intense energy work.

Identify a secure and sacred location for burying your gem; it could be a place that holds personal significance, beneath the branches of a cherished tree, or even in your own garden. Bury the gem in the soil, ensuring only a few inches of depth. Let it rest for a minimum of 24 hours, or extend the duration up to three days. Gemstones that particularly benefit from earth cleansing include Tigers Eye, Citrine, Carnelian, Jasper, Calcite, and Agate.


Finally, you can also cleanse and charge up your stones by sharing your own intuitive powers. Cleansing your stones via visualization and meditation methods can be a great way of strengthening your bond with your crystals. As they give to you, you can give back to them. This is also one of the safest ways of cleansing your stones as you don’t run any risks of fading or upsetting the stones natural balance with water, soil, sun, or any other elements. However, it is important that you are feeling in a good space and that you ground and connect your energy so that your stone doesn’t have to do any of the work.

Hold your stone in your dominant hand and ground your energy until you feel centered. Visualize a great white light in your hands, surrounding the gem and soaking into its every pore. Focus on all the impurities and negative energies flowing out of your stone and being replaced with pure and bright light. This process can take several minutes to complete and you should only do it with one stone at a time so you can focus your energy completely. You can do this practice with any of your gems.